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A Sudden Behavior Change: One Sign Safe Adults Should Look For To Protect Children

A volunteer will serve decades in prison for sexually abusing a minor. The victim exhibited a behavior change that was concerning. We list other signs for safe adults. Read more...

Keeping Child Patients Safe From Health Care Predators

Police arrested a psychologist for allegedly sexually assaulting one of his young patients. We examine the facts. Read more...

Online Dating Apps Present Dangers To Children

A man is charged with several counts of sexual assault, including sexual assault of a child, through his use of an online dating app. We examine the risk. Read more...

Knowingly False Accusations Of Child Sexual Abuse And Inconclusive Investigations

A male teen alleges he was falsely accused of sexual abuse. Jack McCalmon discusses how organizations can address false accusations and when an investigation is inconclusive. Read more...

January 19, 2019
Only one state requires physicians to tell you if they are on probation. Do you think every state should follow suit? You make the call and take our poll.
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Jack McCalmon
An employer asks Jack McCalmon about workplace cyber concerns for 2019.
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A well-known hacking group targets users' smartphones with "surveillanceware". Learn more about this dangerous strain of malware and how to protect yourself from hijacking applications.
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